Pawn A Boat South East England Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Pawn A Boat South East England.

Mr S. Zulu

Living close to the beach has its benefits but sometimes you find that you need a lot of money for unexpected bills. After losing my car in an accident and my insurance company clearly ripped me off, I needed a new car fast and my bought could not take me to work because there is no water on the streets. I nearly sold my bought to buy a car when at the last minute I found out I could pawn my bought and get the £200 000 I needed to buy a new car! I was amazed by the quick service. Thanks a lot!

Ms P. Chabaka

I was so stressed after we received the hospitals bills. We did not know what to do and our medical aid could not help us at such a critical time in our lives. We were advised by a friend about Pawn A Boat South East England whom we contacted and they responded swiftly and provided us with the money we needed to take care of our hospital bills. What a relief to find you guys, thanks so much!

Mr R. Kelly

I was having a good time when I found myself summoned by the courts and found out I was being sued by some women who claim my business with them was unfair, unfortunately the courts took their side and found myself having to pay these women lots of money. My only rescure was pawning my bought and the lady at Pawn A Boat South East England was so helpful and she made sure I got all the documents I needed and I received the money needed to pay my debt, thanks so much for such a business existing, it really got me out of the dirt.

Mrs K. West

I was robbed when I took a trip to Paris, I had taken all of my diamond and gold jewelry for an exclusive expo. Three guys came out of nowhere and took everything! I was so devastated but at the same time I had to host the show. My husband pawned our luxury boat and he received the money in his account within the same day. Which he transferred to me and I was able to continue with my show! He told me about Pawn A Boat South East England and I had to let you know how you helped me with my career. Thank you!